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Limitless Learning


At Birkdale South State School our Teaching and learning intent is to develop resilient, technology literate, engaged, autonomous learners, equipped with the tools and thinking to embrace “Limitless Learning”. 

• An inclusive pedagogy based on child centred, personalised learning for all  students;
• Teaching that guides, supports and facilitates students becoming autonomous, self-directed and motivated learners;
• Mutual trust that all students are capable of achieving and that Teachers have the students’ best interest at heart;
• Students are supported to develop the emotional stability and resilience to cope successfully with ongoing change, strive for personal achievement and make a useful contribution to society;
• Students are encouraged to demonstrate accountability for their learning through discussions of their learning goals and achievements;
• Students who value lifelong learning and are engaged in a global community and a teaching staff that value capacity building for all;
• Rigorous, on-going student assessment based on demonstrated consistent learning achievements in a variety of settings and over time;
• Invites students to “Limitless Learning”, allowing them to negotiate where and how they learn depending on their needs, interests, learning styles and goals;
• A focus on becoming a technologically literate school community using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to enhance the learning process where it is most appropriate;
• Strong links between home, school and the wider community.
We understand that ours is a learning community – students, teachers through continuing professional learning and parents for their personal growth, are all capable of “Limitless Learning”

The Birkdale South State School BYO Program 

• Enables personalisation of student learning through access to rich learning resources;
• Best facilitates the development of knowledge and skills necessary for the 21st century workforce, including digital-age literacy, innovative and creative thinking, effective communication and high productivity;
• Allows continuous access to educational materials allowing “Limitless Learning” opportunities anywhere, anytime;
• Provides an engaging, interactive environment for learning;
• Strengthens links between home and school, giving parents the opportunity to see, every day, what their child is learning at school and have relevant, timely, accurate and quality conversations around student learning and progress;
• Allows students the opportunity to display prior knowledge of topics and thus be co-constructive in their own learning journey.


 If you are interested in the program, please have a look at our BYOD Minimum Specifications (PDF, 969KB) and collect a form from the office.